Campaign filters and effectsΒΆ

When Shuup determines if a product should have a discounted price, it looks for the DiscountModules in the system.

Creating a ContextConditionΒΆ

In this example we’ll create a ContextCondition that matches only if the temperature is higher than the one merchant has set.

First, we need a ContextCondition which defines the actual rulesets when the condition is being matched. Ours is called WeatherCondition.

from shuup.campaigns.models import ContextCondition

class WeatherCondition(ContextCondition):
    identifier = "weather_condition"
    name = _("Weather")

    min_temp = models.DecimalField(
        verbose_name=_("min temp"),
        help_text=_("Give the minimum temperature when this condition matches."))

    def matches(self, context):
        current_weather = self._get_weather_from_api()
        return (current_weather.get("current_temperature", 0) >= self.min_temp)

    def description(self):
        return _("Limit the campaign to given temperature.")

    def values(self):
        return self.min_temp

    def values(self, values):
        self.min_temp = values

    def _get_weather_from_api(self):
        # build a fancy api connection
        return {"current_temperature": 10}


This api call is simply an example, please don’t use network-heavy calls in real life as it can render your shop unusable. Remember to cache.

Next, we’ll need a form that allows the merchant to configure the condition through the shop admin.

from example.models import WeatherCondition
from shuup.campaigns.admin_module.forms._base.BaseRuleModelForm

class WeatherConditionForm(BaseRuleModelForm):
    class Meta(BaseRuleModelForm.Meta):
        model = WeatherCondition

Next, we’ll need to create an AppConfig for our addon, if it doesn’t already exist. Like many things in Shuup, functionality can be added through the provides system. In this case, a provide key campaign_context_condition is being used.

class WeatherAppConfig(AppConfig):
    name = "example.weathertools"
    verbose_name = "Example Weathertools"
    label = "weathertools"
    provides = {
        "campaign_context_condition": [


Define your form into this provide and not the actual condition.